Hutan Ration Energy Bars

Hutan Ration journey began from the home kitchen of the founder, Jazrul Fuad in late 2016.

It was a determination to come up with energy bars that taste good using all halal natural ingredients that initiated the brand movement. Started with making a few batches for his own hiking and mountaineering activities, he then received requests for extras from his hiking friends. 

And the rest was history.

Hutan Ration believes in being a source of inspiration to the community towards a healthier lifestyle. Although a young company, from Day 1, we have a vision to be the World No 1 Halal Sports Nutrition brand.

Hutan Ration bars are manufactured at our own factory in Terengganu, made with 100% all natural superfood ingredients.

Hutan Ration now has become the go-to energy bar amongst athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, sports and fitness community. Hutan Ration bars are now being distributed world wide under the company‘s distribution arm, Sports Allied Services. 

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